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News » Jazz players get message: No sending messages during NBA games

Jazz players get message: No sending messages during NBA games

Jazz players get message: No sending messages during NBA games Don't expect any tweets during Utah Jazz games from DWill_8_4real. Don't expect any texts from NBA players for several hours on game nights, either. Turns out, the NBA isn't exactly "twitterpated" with the idea of players ? or coaches and other team Basketball operations personnel ?

sending out messages via cellphones or social media outlets during games. In order to establish a guideline on the latest communication crazes, the league sent out its own message this week. The memo was delivered to teams by e-mail, not a tweet, by the way. The NBA's directive prohibits players, et al, from posting messages ? on cellphones, Twitter, facebook, myspace, you name it ? during a social media silence period that includes the 45 minutes leading up to tipoff until players have fulfilled postgame interview obligations. No specific rule-breaking punishments were announced. Jazz players, who claim they're not about to pull a Charlie Villenueva by tweeting at halftime, don't seem too ticked about the technological timeout. An active tweeter, Deron "DWill_8_4real" Williams had no complaints about the directive. "It's not bad at all," he said. "I think it's understandable. ... There's no reason to do it at the game." Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor said "common sense" should prevail. Jerry Sloan isn't a fan of players goofing off during games or revealing team info via texts or tweets, either. "I think it's an embarrassing situation to have a player that would do something like that while the game's going on or before the game," said the old-school coach, who, not surprisingly, doesn't have a Twitter account. "What's their motive for doing that?" Jazz players say they clearly received management's message ? sent the old-fashioned way, by mouth ? that it could create problems and even potentially tip off gamblers and bookies. As such, players were advised to not leak injury info before the team does. C.J. Miles admitted he was guilty of that earlier this week, having tweeted about his hip flexor injury Sunday without thinking about potential risks. "I had a thing the first day I tweaked my groin and I put it out there," he said. "I didn't think about it that way." The players do now. "I just don't see it as being beneficial," Sloan said, "and hopefully all of our players don't get themselves into trouble with it." Lesson learned, Miles said. "It makes sense what they're saying and the rules they gave it for," he said. And don't expect a post about this subject from him, either. "I think," he said, laughing, "that's another one I'm not going to tweet about." FALSE ALARM: Another new NBA directive was reported to have been established. According to a Boston Herald article, a rule was supposedly made to prohibit handshakes in order to minimize spreading the H1N1 flu around the league. "One can only imagine what Utah's Jerry Sloan thinks about this," the article read. Only problem? OK, aside from contracting the swine flu? The report was not accurate. In an effort to keep this rumor from spreading faster than a flu bug, the NBA made sure its teams' public relations staffs informed media members that the purported guideline is "absolutely not true." In other words, don't hold your breath to see that Sloan chest bump. Jazz , ER, DEFENSE!: As a way to remind themselves to play defense, the Jazz will now break their huddles up by yelling, "1-2-3, Defense!" That's the intention, at least. Williams admitted to occasionally saying " Jazz !" instead of "Defense!" The old huddle shout is just ingrained into his mind after four years. This isn't the first time he's had a hard time keeping his team's yells straight. "Even when I was on the USA team, I used to say Jazz ," the gold-medal-winning Olympian said. "When you're in a rhythm, it's hard to get out of it." THE 51ST STATE?: Canadians can take it as a compliment or an insult, but, while talking about Utah's upcoming European trip, Paul Millsap sorta, kinda forgot that the Raptors don't play in the U.S. "I've never been out of this country, so I'm really looking forward to it," he said. "It's going to be a fun trip, but also we're going to get out there and take care of business." Millsap laughed at himself when reminded that Toronto is not located in the States. "I have been to Canada," he said, chuckling. "That is another country." BITTER TWEET: Flash owner Brandt Andersen had this post (prediction?) on his Twitter account while watching his former D-League player, Kosta Koufos, go 1-for-8 in Thursday's Jazz game. From @flashbrandt: "Please welcome Kosta back. He is having a tough night." At least Koufos didn't tweet about it during the game. e-mail:

Author: Fox Sports
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Added: October 3, 2009


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